I'm using the Java SDK for months now but since couple of weeks I'm getting more and more timeouts while launching Payment Operations.

org.stellar.sdk.responses.SubmitTransactionTimeoutResponseException: Timeout. Please resubmit your transaction to receive submission status. More info: https://developers.stellar.org/api/errors/http-status-codes/horizon-specific/timeout/

Here is the code snippet:

Transaction transaction = new TransactionBuilder(sourceAccount, Network.PUBLIC)
                            new PaymentOperation.Builder(destination.getAccountId(), new AssetTypeNative(), amount)

            SubmitTransactionResponse response = server.submitTransaction(transaction);

I tried to increase the fees (MIN_BASE_FEE * 2, even *10) but has no effect, I still get Timeouts for the operations.

Any idea why I'm getting so many Timeout errors ?

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What is the upper timebound? For a payment, the upper timebound can be high like 60s or more since the amount you send will probably not change.

The MIN_BASE_FEES are probably too small also, try to use 10000 at least.

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