I am struggling with the Terminolgy.

allowTrust := txnbuild.SetTrustLineFlags{
        Trustor:  Whos Address?,
        Asset:    issuedAsset,
        SetFlags: []txnbuild.TrustLineFlag{txnbuild.TrustLineAuthorized},

Who's address do we place at the Trustor? Is it the Account that wants to trust a token? Or is it the Token Issuers Address? I find this confusing because the issuedAsset is a json object that includes the address of the Token issuer.

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The Trustor is the account which is authorized. This operation is called by the asset issuer to authorized an account to add the trustline for example. API doc: AllowTrust

If you want to add a trustline to your account, the operation to use is ChangeTrust. API doc: ChangeTrust

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