Currently I am using django-polaris to build anchor for sep24 and Ngrok to create https server on localhost. But, the moment I try to add asset into stellar demo wallet, Having fetched the asset record successfully, it's showing network error.

enter image description here

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    Aug 22, 2022 at 20:18

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First thing I see is you are trying to add the home-domain with the leading protocol (https://…). You should only provide a domain instead a URL. As asset-information is still fetched, I'd assume Further the account (GCU2YPT63CTAAV2MYHEVOTPFEVHQHJV7L3UYE4XBFEQSHAHUJQLWYV6W) is not funded (neither on testnet nor on public net - but this does not prevent demo-wallet from fetching asset-info.

Did you check, that the SEP-servers are actually reachable? The network error probably stems from the wallet not being able to resolve the toml, respectively the servers defined there.


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