I need to retrieve the last 10 transactions (payments) of an account and I'm using the Horizon API, but the limit is 200 and I can't go beyond that. I explain you. i'm using horizon.stellar.org/accounts/MYADDRESS/payments , but this only gives me the first 10....if i add ?limit=200 it gives me the first 200 but 200 is the maximum otherwise i get this error: {'invalid_field ': 'limit', 'reason': 'invalid limit: value provided that is over limit max of 200'}}

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There is a order parameter, so this will give you the 10 most recent transactions: https://horizon.stellar.org/accounts/G.../transactions?order=desc&limit=10

To walk through all transactions, pagination works with the cursor parameter so to get the second page you need to set cursor=... to the paging_token of the last transaction from the first page.

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