I think I remember faintly that a while ago there was a JS-based visualization of the quorums between various validators on Stellar but I seem unable to find it again.

As far as I understand the algorithm, insight into quorum intersection is crucial for correct operation, so it would be interesting to see this metric on the deployed system.

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If you run a stellar-core instance, it is possible to query the quorum set for any validator via an http request on port 11626:

Here is the endpoint your would use: quorum /quorum?[node=NODE_ID][&compact=true]

And here is a description from the docs on the Stellar website:

returns information about the quorum for node NODE_ID (this node by default). NODE_ID is either a full key (GABCD...), an alias ($name) or an abbreviated ID (@GABCD). If compact is set, only returns a summary version.

If you were interested in mapping out the entirety of the network, it is possible to run a stellar-core instance, and after a while you'd have access to a local SQL database of all the peers you've seen. Currently this schema does not include validator public key, but with a few tweaks that may be possible.

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