On the Stellar development guides it states that using the following code, you can achieve the following:

To create a test account, send Friendbot the public key you created. It’ll create and fund a new account using that public key as the account ID.

var request = require('request');
  url: 'https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/friendbot',
  qs: { addr: pair.publicKey() },
  json: true
}, function(error, response, body) {
  if (error || response.statusCode !== 200) {
    console.error('ERROR!', error || body);
  else {
    console.log('SUCCESS! You have a new account :)\n', body);

However it states that the SDK does not have tools for creating test accounts, so I would have to make my own HTTP request.

How do I use this code to do this? For the previous code block on that page to create an account I used node.js but now I have to use a HTTP request? Could anyone help me please.

I have tried using curl "https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/friendbot?addr=<your-public-key>" in my terminal.

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In browser you can use Fetch API for this purpose:


Your code is missing to set Keypair before send to friendbot.

var StellarSdk = require('stellar-sdk');

var pair = StellarSdk.Keypair.random();
console.log('secret => '+pair.secret());
console.log('public => '+new_addr);

Just to clarify the OPs concern,

You can use any Ajax/HTTP call library from browser/console/server to get the account funded


And yes, curl will work on server side

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