When issuer_public_key and signer_secret_key are used?

It seems that both values are ignored. I accidently put wrong values in issuer_public_key and signer_secret_key but everything is working fine for a couple of days now and now I noticed.

This is what I provide in bifrost.cfg:

signer_secret_key = "somesecretkey"
token_asset_code = "DEMO"
needs_authorize = false
horizon = "http://stellarhorizon:8000"
network_passphrase = "Test SDF Network ; September 2015"

This is what I have in params of bifrost-js-sdk:

params = {
        network: 'test',
        horizonURL: 'https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org',
        bifrostURL: 'http://someurl:8800',
        assetCode: 'DEMO',
        price: '1',
        preSaleMode: false,

As you can see, both public keys are different and in stellarterm I can see that really the issuer of the params is used.


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With the bifrost-js-sdk a trustline is set up for the asset of the issuing account on the receiving side. Without that trustline in place the BTC/ETH assets can not be transferred as the transaction would fail. Same for the later order of the DEMO token. Therefore the Bifrost server side watches the receiving account for the trustline set.

The signer_secret_key points to the account that holds the asset. It should be the issuing account when AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED is set.

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