I try to find when is trustline to an asset is created in horizon database. I joining history_effects, history_accounts, history_operations and history_transactions. I got created_at field on history_transaction. But the value is different from it should be, I try to confirm through my Horizon REST API and it gave me different value from my query.

created_at  "2018-03-25T10:44:48Z" << from horizon rest api

2018-03-27 03:44:25.553025  << from query

Am I missing something here?


Look at the history_ledgers table. The field closed_at contains ledger closing timestamp. That filed shows when an operation was actually applied to the ledger. Use it instead of created_at from history_transactions.

And do not forget about timezones. Horizon shows dates in UTC, while PostgreSQL converts it to your local timezone.


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