The link here What is the best method for key validation? has an answer for JS, and an answer for calculating it yourself, of which I have can't understand because I don't have a deep CS background.

There's no such feature in https://github.com/QuantozTechnology/csharp-stellar-base or https://github.com/elucidsoft/dotnet-stellar-sdk.

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Here is a simple method for elucidsoft SDK:

bool IsAccountIdValid(string accountId) {
    if (!String.IsNotNullOrEmpty(encoded) && encoded.Length != 56) return false;

    try {
        var decoded = StrKey.DecodeStellarAccountId(accountId);
        if (decoded.Length !== 32) return false;    
        return true;
    } catch {
        return false;

If you want to check the validity of a secret key, just change DecodeStellarAccountId to DecodeStellarSecretSeed.

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