I have an issuer account I1 and a distributor account D1. I have added trust of an asset DummyAsset issued by I1 with trust limit of 5000 DummyAsset.

How can I later verify/check the trust limit of a particular asset programmatically?

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Horizon /account/{account} endpoint returns current balances, including trust limit for each asset in the list.

Each balance record looks like the following:

  "balance": "126.8107491",
  "limit": "5000.0000000",
  "asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
  "asset_code": "BAR",

In order to retrieve the limit for the specified balance you need to load an account and enumerate through balance entries to find your asset. Check this sample code (JS):

  .then(account => account.balances.filter(balanceRecord => balanceRecord.asset_code === 'BAR' && 
    balanceRecord.asset_issuer === 'GBAUUA74H4XOQYRSOW2RZUA4QL5PB37U3JS5NE3RTB2ELJVMIF5RLMAG')[0])
  .then(balanceRecord => {
    if (!balanceRecord) return Promise.reject('Trustline does not exist.')
  .catch(err => console.error(err))

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