Ok so,

  1. I've created my token.
  2. I've attached my website's URL to the issuing address.

Now the logo next to the token is a question mark and next to Symbol/Tag it says unknown.

What is the next step here? I understand so far that it is a stellar.toml file that you need to upload to IPFS, I've tried that.


  1. How do I make a stellar.toml file? With notepad++ then save it as .toml?

  2. Are there different programs or Apps to use?

  3. Do I upload it to IPFS?

  4. Do i have to sign it with keybase?

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How do I make a stellar.toml file? With notepad++ then save it as .toml?

Any text editor will do. Just create a regular text file in UTF-8 encoding and save it as stellar.toml. Extension should be .toml, not the .toml.txt or anything similar.

Are there different programs or Apps to use?

Do I upload it to IPFS?

Do i have to sign it with keybase?

No, no, and no.

You need to put it into the /.well-known sub-directory of the root website under your home domain. For example, if your home domain is best.asset.ever.com, then stellar.toml should be available at https://best.asset.ever.com/.well-known/stellar.toml.

A few tips.

  • Note that stellar.toml has to be available over https protocol. Setup an SSL certificate if you do not have one yet (Let’s Encrypt issue SSL certificates free of charge).
  • You must enable CORS on the stellar.toml so people can access this file from other sites. Check details here.
  • Can I do this with a website created by Wix.com? Thanks for your answer so quickly, this is what community is all about.
    – TellarDevv
    Apr 14, 2018 at 22:37
  • I'm afraid no. Wix is a high-level website builder and it doesn't allow creating sub-directories with custom content and CORS headers. You can host your main website on Wix and create a subdomain (say, meta.yoursite.com) specifically for stellar.toml and other metadata hosting.
    – Orbit Lens
    Apr 14, 2018 at 23:18
  • Hmm. What website host should I use for this to be done?
    – TellarDevv
    Apr 16, 2018 at 4:16
  • Can I use GoDaddy?
    – TellarDevv
    Apr 17, 2018 at 19:27
  • Well, you definitely can use any VPS/cloud server for that purpose. Take a look at DigitalOcean, they offer VPS starting from 5$/month. With AWS free tier you can have a basic cloud server for free during the first year. GoDaddy also offer VPS hosting, but their plans are much more expensive alongside with a questionable performance.
    – Orbit Lens
    Apr 17, 2018 at 20:14

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