The other existing question didn't work for me. (How to close a stream event?)

I set up a class to handle and switch streams. In the constructor, I define and initialize the stream this way:

function RequestStream() {

    this.server = new StellarSdk.Server('https://horizon.stellar.org');

    this.stream = this.server.transactions()
      onmessage: function (message) {
        console.log("initial transactions stream");
        tripManager.addTrip(new Trip(node2.position));

My instance variable stream should contain the function close to close the stream. Using a prototype, I have several functions to switch the stream. I want to close the current stream through the instance variable before creating a new one and setting it to the same instance variable.

RequestStream.prototype = {
   constructor: RequestStream,
      payments:function ()  {
        this.stream = this.server.payments() // + rest of stream init

I receive "TypeError: this.stream.close is not a function" upon trying to close the stream. Printing out this.stream gives an object with no apparent useful info. Can provide more detail if needed.

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In your case this.stream after initialization should contain a destructor function. Try to call this.stream() instead of this.stream.close().

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