I making some development plans and just want to be sure I'm not missing anything obvious. I've read this post How is an asset verified?

So far, my intention is to list a new asset and have it verified by hosting a stellar.toml file on the appropriate domain as described here, https://www.stellar.org/developers/guides/concepts/stellar-toml.html

For example, I'm curious if the domain listing stellar.toml need to have https certificates?

Thank you!

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Yes, HTTPS is a must. The issuing account home domain should be specified in TLD format without protocol (your.domain.com, not the https://your.domain.com/).

If your stellar.toml has correct format and is served with CORS headers, you are good to go.

Beyond that, check Stellar Ecosystem Proposals, a set of recommended best practices for Stellar ecosystem.

To get listed on the StellarTerm and all other services that use metadata from StellarTerm directory, create a pull request here.

If you have plans to use Federation, you might also want to improve the security with DKIF records.

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