I am working on stellar private testnet setup, i have setup 3 stellar-core nodes and horizon, Account creation is working fine but data not showing for ledger, payment, transactions etc.

All 3 nodes started with --forcescp to sync SCP.

Account details :


but for same account transaction is 404 :


Ledger with sequence 1 also having no records :


2 Nodes are basic validator and 1 is full validator, history files are maintained properly.

Not getting why data is not available ? any suggestion/solution ?

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You will need to start Horizon with the ingest flag enabled in order for Horizon to ingest data from stellar core. Quoting from the admin guide in the documentation:

To enable ingestion, you must either pass --ingest=true on the command line or set the INGEST environment variable to "true".


I managed to fix the issue. steps fixed for me.

1. Use stable version for horizon and stellar-core.
2. Use --ingest flag with horizon start.

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