If I have 3 accounts, lets call them A, B and C and you set inflation in chained manner like so:

  • A sets its inflation destination to B
  • B sets its inflation destination to C

Would A votes be counted for C's total voting count?

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No. Inflation voting cannot be chained

This isn't explicitly mentioned in the documentation so by default you have to fall back to looking at the code for the current implementation.

Reading the follow AccountFrame::processForInflation method from the source code:

Accounts are selected initially by the following query

 sum(balance) AS votes, inflationdest FROM accounts WHERE
 inflationdest IS NOT NULL
 AND balance >= 1000000000 GROUP BY inflationdest
 ORDER BY votes DESC, inflationdest DESC LIMIT ?

The accounts are then further refined for the dynamic minimum vote amount (calculated based on the XLM in existance)

So due to the SQL query using groupby you will not be able to pass on your voting to another account.

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