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Accounts are the central data structure in Stellar. Accounts are identified by a public key and saved in the ledger. Everything else in the ledger, such as offers or trustlines, are owned by a particular account.

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How to get friendbot to fund my new account using a HTTP request?

On the Stellar development guides it states that using the following code, you can achieve the following: To create a test account, send Friendbot the public key you created. It’ll create and fund ...
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Are there any examples and/or documentation of maintaining a stellar account for each customer?

I'm attempting to become an anchor. Reading through it goes into detail for anchors that use federation and memo fields but is thin on detail for ...
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Bonds on Stellar

A couple of years ago Jed wrote about the possibility of using Stellar to issue Bonds ( The example is clear, however I would like to know what is the ...
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Which is the real funding account? Duplicate funder in blockchain

I'm looking at account creation and found something that I though was impossible. Maybe I just don't understand what is happening. According to
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Authorization immutable (0x4) - Use case

I am trying to imagine a use case scenario where I would use Authorization immutable (0x4) flag. The documentation states: If this is set then none of the authorization flags can be set and the ...
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What is "Bump Sequence"?

There is currently a new operation proposal on stellar's github to add a bump sequence. What does this mean, why is it being implemented, and how does it impact stellar developers? Bump sequence ...
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What encoding is used for the data in account data?

From Slack: i saved data to an account as {foo: 'bar'}, but it came back as: { foo: 'YmFy' }. What encoding is being used, and/or how do you get the plain text/utf8 value?
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Enforcing Non-Native Asset Transactions

I know the Stellar network can be used for exchanging all types of assets - Lumens, USD, apples, whatever. When exchanging non-Lumen assets between accounts, the network doesn't actually perform the ...
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When is account sequence number incremented?

From Slack: Is account sequence number incremented only by valid transactions? In my case, I am trying to create an account with a large starting balance and consequently get an underfunded error, ...
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Upper limit for managed data

The manage data operation allows binary values to be associated with an account. The documentation doesn't mention any upper limit to this data, but there surely must be. What is the limit? Or does ...
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How to find the public key given only the seed?

If I have only the seed to an account, how can I find the public key?
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Is inflation voting chain based?

If I have 3 accounts, lets call them A, B and C and you set inflation in chained manner like so: A sets its inflation destination to B B sets its inflation destination to C Would A votes be counted ...
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How do you fund an account on the testnet?

For testing purposes, how do you fund an account with the minimum required balance on the testnet?
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What is the rationale behind locking up base_reserve?

In Stellar, you must hold a certain amount of XLMs in your account or else you can't perform transactions. What's the monetary rationale behind this requirement? It locks up money in accounts for no ...
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What is the correct way to implement sub-accounts within one master account?

What is the correct way to implement a system with one master account that contains sub-accounts associated with individual users? Is it correct to use a Memo for every transaction that then ...
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How might the account 'Flags' evolve over time?

From the 'Accounts' section of the docs: Flags Currently there are three flags, used by issuers of assets. Authorization required (0x1): Requires the issuing account to give other accounts permission ...
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