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Minimum account balance Changed?

The base_reserve_in_stroops says 5,000,000 (0.05 XLM) in the following URL. This is a recent ledger entry. Does this mean it only takes 0.1 XLM (2 * 0.5 XLM) to create an account now? https://horizon....
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2 answers

Do I recover my .5 lumens when changing trust to delete a trustline?

I wanted to hold and trade 5 assets. It will cost me 2.5 XLM in the min-reserve to create these trustlines alone. If I am done with 2 assets and now want to only hold 3, I can delete 2 trustlines. ...
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What is the rationale behind locking up base_reserve?

In Stellar, you must hold a certain amount of XLMs in your account or else you can't perform transactions. What's the monetary rationale behind this requirement? It locks up money in accounts for no ...
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