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Error merging bucket, and FATAL SCP crash

I have a private network based on Stellar core v.10 with 3 nodes and 66% 2/3 consensus, after 6 month successfully worked this network crash with message: insufficient buffer space in xdr_generic_get....
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Publishing history to new history archive results in error of loading history state

I keep getting the [History ERROR] Error loading history state: rapidjson internal assertion failure: IsObject() when trying to publish the state of a recently added node to it's recently initialized ...
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6 votes
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Huge temporary bucket files created - and then destroyed on all cores. Is this normal?

I'm maintaining a network of Stellar nodes with quite a lot of traffic, for quite some time now (almost half a year). Everything has been quite stable so far, but last week I noticed that all the core ...
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How to handle docker container restarts with persistent data and missing buckets

I have a private network of Stellar core nodes running on docker swarm with the DB and ledger data persisted correctly. When I remove or update the service for maintenance/upgrade of the docker image ...
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Stellar-core not syncing on testnet after restart. Missing Buckets not being retrieved

After attempting to restart a stellar core node I had running on the test net I got an error, and when I tried to run stellar-core (inside docker container) with stellar-core run I got the following: ...
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