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For questions specifically regarding the C# Software Development Kit (SDK) for Stellar client applications.

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Issues creating Muxed Account - dotnet-stellar-sdk

I hope this is the best place to find answers to this issue. I have attempted many times to create muxed accounts using this SDK (dotnet-stellar-sdk), but I continue to have this problem where any ...
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How to get the transaction payment amount in .NET Stellar API?

I have C# source code like this: Server server = new Server(""); var GetTranHistory = server.Operations.ForAccount("...
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How to access AssetResponse properties of a newly created asset? C# or Java

I'm using the C# SDK. For Example, a new Asset is created. _stellarAsset = Asset.CreateNonNativeAsset("credit_alphanum4", _assetIssuer, _assetCode); This is in a method which returns the asset ...
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Which C# SDK is suitable for development , Quantoz or Elucidsoft?

There are 2 C# SDK's available. and I see active development on elucidsoft SDK. Any ...
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