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Documentation: Fee Bump - 10x vs 10%

While reading the following - I wanted to confirm if the second transaction should have fee of 10x (10 times) or 10% higher (1.10 times) than the fee of the first transaction. if first-fee = 100 1/ ...
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Example code on Ubuntu+node.js gives error re "await"

Updated: added full code below. I'm trying to run the "Creating a payment transaction" example but the error I get is const account = await server.loadAccount(sourcePublicKey); ^^^^^...
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How do you use the stellar quickstart without docker?

It says "The easiest way to install Horizon is by using stellar/quickstart docker image." But I can't run the "docker pull" command without docker. I went to download docker from their site and ...
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What is the status of the Stellar Open Institute? Can developers still get involved?

I know there is a new roadmap coming out on January 25th, but I am curious about a small section of the roadmap Jed posted back in 2016. In that document, there is a section about the Stellar Open ...
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How can I find my test transaction from Get Started Guide code on the Stellar TestNetwork?

I've been following along the 'Get Started' guide on the Stellar Developer's site and practicing with the Java code that is provided in the 'Transactions' chapter. When executing the sample code to ...
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