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For questions specifically regarding the .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) for Stellar client applications.

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Issues creating Muxed Account - dotnet-stellar-sdk

I hope this is the best place to find answers to this issue. I have attempted many times to create muxed accounts using this SDK (dotnet-stellar-sdk), but I continue to have this problem where any ...
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How to get the transaction payment amount in .NET Stellar API?

I have C# source code like this: Server server = new Server(""); var GetTranHistory = server.Operations.ForAccount("...
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Anyone else seeing an error with stellar-dotnet-sdk (AccountResponse - accountId cannot be null)?

I've been using stellar-dotnet-sdk for months; today, I get an error while trying to instantiate an AccountResponse object. AccountResponse.cs, line 147 (AccountId = accountId ?? throw new ...
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