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A few questions on vanity generation

Are prefixes (after the first A,B,C,D character) more likely to be generated than a postfix? Why are GALAXYVOIDBKF6OHLF4XWL6LDURPSPPRXDDGYZOGWQSOWT25542QUAXV and ...
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What is "Account ID" in Stellar terms?

Account ID is referred as federation address here. After reading here I interpreted account id as a publickey. You can use the federation endpoint to look up an account id if you have a stellar ...
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Encrypting message gives error : throw new TypeError('unexpected type ' + t + ', use Uint8Array');

var nacl1 = require('ed2curve'); var nacl = require('tweetnacl'); nacl.util = require('tweetnacl-util'); const theirPublicKey = nacl1.convertSecretKey("...
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How do I generate an xPub using stellar SDK?

How do I generate an xPub using stellar SDK ? could anyone show me the format of a stellar extended public key ?
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