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Contract invoke error: 'Contract pre-release number does not match host' on Stellar using Soroban

I have deployed the crowdfunding contract on Stellar's Futurenet. When I invoke the contract functions on the terminal using the soroban cli, it gives the error contract pre-release number does not ...
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Standalone network error: tx_not_supported

We have built a Standalone Network with 3 Stellar nodes as full-validators and horizon. Every node and horizon run the 18.0.4 version in a docker container and can access node's history thanks to ...
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Error message on Stellar Homepage

The above error is there on the Stellar Launch page now, for more than a month. Further this issue persists for more than 3 months, although message claims team is 'actively' working to reoslve. How ...
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Sass error Undefined variable

I just started to set up my first wallet, and I got an an error I cant solve when I run npm start: sass error Undefined variable. src/global/style.scss textarea { font-family: $font-family; font-size: ...
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How can I access the Horizon:Error Response after raising error in code

After an error raised during a Transaction submission with server.submit_transaction() how can I access the corresponding (Horizon Response JSON object)
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My transaction fails with paymentResult: [paymentLineFull]

I'm using the Stellar Java SDK to perform a Transaction with a PaymentOperation and I run into the following transaction response: (Converted from XDR). I don't know what this error means and how I'd ...
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