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How to check Trustline Authorized Flag?

I need to check if an account trustline is authorized or not (before payment) Eg: this account ...
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Freezing assets in Stellar

I have a few questions concerning the 'asset-freezing protocol' that I hope you will be able to help me with. 1- It is my understanding that only the entity that created the tokens can freeze them, ...
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Authorization immutable (0x4) - Use case

I am trying to imagine a use case scenario where I would use Authorization immutable (0x4) flag. The documentation states: If this is set then none of the authorization flags can be set and the ...
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How might the account 'Flags' evolve over time?

From the 'Accounts' section of the docs: Flags Currently there are three flags, used by issuers of assets. Authorization required (0x1): Requires the issuing account to give other accounts permission ...
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