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Removing access from an issuer account

I was helped by a developer to originally create my token. Because they have dissapeared I am trying to figure out how to remove access to the token by the Issuer account and give that authorization ...
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how to deposit with foreign currency and receive anchor-issued token?

I want to build an anchor that issuing stablecoin named LAOC for my country currency and also providing deposit/withdrawal. But I have a question that: How could my users deposit with foreign ...
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How to limit an asset issuer to only issue its asset with a co-signer

What would be the best way (if such way exists at all) to limit the ability of an Issuer to issue assets, and only do this when such action is co-signed by another account? Also, ideally, such co-...
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Guide on issuing stable coins

I have seen different guides on how to issue custom tokens on Stellar, but most of them usually lock the issuing account, which would not work for a stable coin as it's supposed to have unlimited ...
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Total number of trustlines to an asset and total number of payments in a certain asset (Issuing Account)

How can I get the total number of trustlines to a certain asset (Issuing account - asset)? How can I get the total number of payments made in a special asset(Issuing account - asset)? The number of ...
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Given a public key, is there a way to find the assets issued by the account?

I'd like to know if there is a way to query all the assets of which the account is the issuer.
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Issue assets after certain time

I am following this question answer Trying to implement the answer BUt my transaction is getting failed. Am i doing any mistakes in the implementation part? var sendr = Stellar.Keypair.fromSecret('...
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Preventing knock-off assets

I understand from here and here that assets are defined by the unique combination of their asset_code and their asset_issuer. Suppose I am asset_issuer=Steven and I want to issue asset_code=...
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Unable to create wallet due to issuer issue

All of sudden I am getting the following error on TestNet. Issuer Address is GCZDLM6KBK7P42JB6ONIZNYXE24G72PWUXLOZBOLE5EEGOC2FUKKIN4R Creating Wallet for User with id 39 ...
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Best practice for issuing a new asset and locking an account

When issuing a new asset, is it expected that the transfer of the asset to the distribution account and the locking (setting weight to 0) of the issuing account take place in one transaction or, can ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to have several issuers of an Asset?

I would like to use an asset as sort of a "counter". I would have several accounts that get authorized to be counters, and they can create and send assets to a single account that is collecting all ...
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When issuing a new verified asset is there anything beyond hosting a stellar.toml file I should be sure to do?

I making some development plans and just want to be sure I'm not missing anything obvious. I've read this post How is an asset verified? So far, my intention is to list a new asset and have it ...
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Asset type is always credit_alphanum12?

I tried creating an asset by following this link: Issuing Assets. I am able to successfully issue asset and transfer to another account. But when I check the balance of other accounts, I get: Type: ...
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2 answers

How to place time restrictions on assets issued to a persons wallet

Hi fellow Stellar developers, My question is, how would I be able to restrict the transfer of let's say 20% of my asset from a persons wallet until 1 year from today. So lets say I send someone 1,...
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Do tokens created through Stellar map one-to-one? [duplicate]

One more token question! When creating a token using Stellar, as described in - do the newly created tokens need to map one-to-one? Ie. one XLM to one ...
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How can I list and sell Stellar based Tokens (not XLM)?

Reading this example (, I can see that creating a token on Stellar is straight forward. I'm not completely sure how to do it yet, but I do understand ...
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