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Questions tagged [keypair]

For questions regarding Key Pairs within Stellar

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What is the key format of a public key?

The documentation ( ) just describes what algorithm is used at the core. But that algorithm produces bits. What encoding is used on these bits to ...
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If Stellar key pairs are Ed25519, does this mean that minisign keys can be as Stellar keys?

Can I use minisign keys, which are ed25519, as unique Stellar keypairs?
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How to generate a keypair correctly with Stellar/go?

Take test seed here: seed: "e0eec84fe165cd427cb7bc9b6cfdef0555aa1cb6f9043ff1fe986c3c8ddd22e3" correct result: m/...
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How long is a keypair valid until an account is funded and created?

The documentation says: Stellar requires accounts to hold a minimum balance of 1 XLM before they actually exist. Until it gets a bit of funding, your keypair doesn’t warrant space on the ledger. How ...
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How can I recover XLM from a BlockEQ wallet?

I have a chunk of XLM sitting in a BlockEQ wallet on OS X. Every "send" operation seems to result in a "payment failed" error. Is there another way to extract the funds? BlockEQ is using a "24 words" ...
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Stellar Java Sdk key validation?

In JavaScript SDK we have method isValidEd25519PublicKey for Stellar address validation. But in Java SDK there is no such method. How can I validate Stellar address with Java SDK?
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How can I do asymmetric encryption and decryption?

How can I do asymmetric encryption by using Stellar's private key of sender and Stellar's public key of receiver and vice-versa in case of case decryption? I had gone through many methods but I am ...
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Verifying a transaction

For doing a payment from a distribution account i'd like to use the destination account as a channel. Therefore i'd like to implement the functionality as follows: there are 3 accounts involved: ...
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Random crash upon calling KeyPair.random() on android

I'm trying to use the stellar sdk in an android app. So I downloaded the stellar sdk and generate it's jar and include it in as a external jar in my android app. To get it working I also had to add ...
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Account address string length always 56?

Modeling DB table. Is the account id (public key) string length always 56 and always will be?
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How to verify a Transaction?

I sent a signed transaction through the internet to a cloud function that needs to verify that the signer is the valid one. My code: const bHMainKeys = Keypair.fromSecret(privateKey) if (...
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Account creation on stellarterm

The first step of an account creation on is to generate a key-pair. I can log in using the secret key - the service returns me the public key, aka my wallet account ID. It's ...
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Does the second letter of the public address having any meaning since it only appears to be one of four characters?

Does the second letter of the public address having any meaning since it only appears to be one of four characters? All accounts that I've looked at start with either GA, GB, GC or GD. Is there some ...
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Which cryptographic algorithm is used to generate the secret and public keys?

The Stellar keypair is generated easily from various SDKs, but which algorithm do the SDKs use?
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How to generate a Stellar keypair without the SDKs?

I want to develop SDKs for other languages and would like to start by generating keypairs so what would be the steps starting from scratch using a crypto lib? The steps I am looking for are: generate ...
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What is the best method for key validation?

In particular, the seed key, but really this applies to both. I'm looking for the best way to validate that a key is formed correctly. I know it has 56 chars and starts with "S" for seeds and "G" for ...
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