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Questions tagged [ledger-blue]

For questions on using Stellar with the Ledger Blue wallet

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Received an update from the Ledger team regarding Stellar withdrawl, they are claiming it is an issue with the Stellar network? Can anyone help?

I recently posted a request for assistance on reddit and here regarding trying to move XLM via my ledger blue and the Stellar Dashboard. After much back and forth with people here, and on other ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Error: Signature issues when sending XLM via Ledger Blue

As the title suggests. I am trying to send XLM from my Ledger Blue via!/dashboard . I have done this numerous times in the past and not had an issue. My ...
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2 answers

Ledger Blue and Ledger Live

I bought XLM and wanted to store it on my Ledger Blue. I read another post that this supposed to be possible and yet is seems impossible. Is Ledger Blue actively supported? Ledger Live is now ...
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XLM storage on hardware wallets Ledger Nano S vs Ledger Blue

How comes that Ledger Nano S supports XLM and Ledger Blue does not? Has it something to do with Stellar or Ledger because there should not be a difference which Ledger you use for safe storage of ...
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