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Lumens (currency symbol XLM) are Stellar's native currency.

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Anchorusd trustworthy?

I recently decided to cash in my free lumens from last year on keybase So I looked into it and transferred my lumens to an anchorusd account using the anchorusd android app Keep in mind I have never ...
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Timeout Refilling test account with Lumens

anyone experiencing random timeouts within the last 30 minutes to 1 hour when refilling Lumens or doing transaction on the test net ? This is happening even on freshly new created test accounts: data: ...
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how to delete or take back the balance in the sponsored account?

[ 1 I have done it on Stellar Laboratories by revoking the account, and the transaction I made has been broadcast on the network... but the sponsorship balance still cannot be withdrawn
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Where do you find memo id when sending from coin base to Trezor T stellar

I plugged in Trezor T device and selected stellar currency. It took me to an external wallet in Stellar. I then transferred 1.00 from Coinbase to Stellar wallet and it wanted a memo id which I could ...
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Stellar sent from Ledger Live (Nano s) without my authorization. Prior to this on six occasions small amounts were received

I have been hacked as most of my Stellar Lumens were withdrawn from ledger Live (secured by Nano S) without my authority. Prior to the Stellar coins being withdrawn the Ledger Live Stellar account ...
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