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For questions regarding the Mult-Signature requirement of certain transactions.

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Storing Secret Key for Smart Contracts

I'm currently working on a project that will implement multi-signature smart contracts to process our transactions. I have a quick question and am looking for input on how best to do this. My team ...
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Why is SHA256 a signature type option for a multisig transaction?

In a multi signature transaction, we can define the Signer Type as SHA256 through the Set Options operation (
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Error in submitting the multisig transaction

The below code is the multisig transaction to submit to stellar horizon testnet. When I am submitting the transaction, I am getting the submission failed error. var alice_public_key = '...
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How to enable transaction fees with multi-sig?

Consider a digital bank with deposits of different assets and transactions between digital wallets. All transactions have mandatory transaction fees, collected by the bank. An interesting approach to ...
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