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For questions regarding the Mult-Signature requirement of certain transactions.

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Removing access from an issuer account

I was helped by a developer to originally create my token. Because they have dissapeared I am trying to figure out how to remove access to the token by the Issuer account and give that authorization ...
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Get current signers of a transaction and required signers

I have 2 questions, given a transaction, is it possible to: get a list of the signers that already signed the transaction? get a list of needed signers? Returning a list like the following: Signer ...
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Multisig accounts

In order to set Multisig 2 of 3, should all three wallets support multisig? Or can it be just the main one, and the remaining two can be regular ones that do not support multisig? Thank you
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Using Escrow with Stellar

I (C) want to manage an escrow between A and B. A deposits lumen into a new account and wants B to do something. If B does something - which I determine if B has done it, e.g. answer a questionaire -...
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I Working around Stellar Multisig and I am getting

at Function.setOptions (C:\Users\user\Desktop\multisig\node_modules\stellar-base\lib\operations\set_options.js:137:13) at setMultisigOnEmekaAccount (C:\Users\user\Desktop\multisig\multisig.js:30:...
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Lobstr vault keys and lobstr

I have a lobstr account. I installed vault. It put key in lobstr signers but it has never connected vault properly so the signer is there but I can't sign anything. Now to be honest I uninstalled ...
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How to limit an asset issuer to only issue its asset with a co-signer

What would be the best way (if such way exists at all) to limit the ability of an Issuer to issue assets, and only do this when such action is co-signed by another account? Also, ideally, such co-...
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