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For questions regarding Offers to buy or sell on Stellar.

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How to see "order-book" of a liquidity pool?

I've been watching trading activity on yETH/XLM market today and realized that while the orderbook API (i.e. stream from keeps returning order-books with very wide ...
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How do I find out the date and time a specific offer was created?

The "Offer" object only contains a "last_modified_time" field, not when it actually was created, and no information about the transaction ID or ledger number.
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Which architecture to use for utility tokens?

Consider this scenario: CoolVideo lets artists post videos and earn money from viewers Viewers buy VidTokens with ETH & BTC and pay artists with VidTokens We store the ETH & BTC. Never ...
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Concept: ManageSellOffer didn't update but instead create a new offer

I read the documentation and it says that by providing the original offerId of a ManageSellOffer, one is able to change its price. But after I tried it out, I found that it creates another offer and ...
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Will a market offer trigger a new subentry?

A market offer is, for example, a bid offer that takes on an outstanding ask offer at the same price and amount, and vice versa. Since the offer will get filled immediately, will the network reject ...
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