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For questions regarding the process or mechanism of payments within Stellar.

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Legal Question before going live

As I'm getting closer to have a product (timed payments) which I would like to activate on the Stellar public net, I'm wondering which legal aspects I have to consider. The setup for the current ...
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How to add memo to transaction?

I want to create a transaction with a memo, but i keep getting error this.memo.toXDRObject is not a function at code: let fee = await get_mining_fee(); const txOpts =...
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Payment Gateway for a cloned Stellar blockchain network

We have cloned/forked a new blockchain network using Stellar. It has some API documentation that we can create a payment gateway as well, however, we are looking for an open-source payment gateway the ...
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SEP 0024 Question: Where do the /info response fields referenced below come from?

I'm trying to develop an anchor server and going through the SEP0024 documentation. The documentation says "Provide a full-featured implementation of /info". Where does one find or create the fields ...
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How to cash out a currency?

I am implementing an anchor which will send transactions on behalf of users but I am very confused with one question, How to cash out the assets in the account which is paid to me from another anchor ...
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MEMO N/A after submitting to bridge endpoint /builder

curl -X POST \ http://localhost:8006/builder \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -d '{ "source": "GBJ6ONYK73A65BRW7SOGQYEDCN55NCYDH5WJTE7WZIZXF3RRX2GFI33T", "memo": { "text": "...
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How do i build a fiat payment processor(Gateway) on stellar

I want to develop a payment gateway that can be integrated into online stores, merchants can seamlessly receive payments directly to their bank account. I want to build all the features on stellar. ...
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Python create account for Main-net, I can not find the Main net examples from stellar_sdk.keypair import Keypair pair = Keypair.random() print(f"Secret: {pair.secret}") # Secret: print(f"Public Key: {pair.public_key}") import ...
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My transaction fails with paymentResult: [paymentLineFull]

I'm using the Stellar Java SDK to perform a Transaction with a PaymentOperation and I run into the following transaction response: (Converted from XDR). I don't know what this error means and how I'd ...
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