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Role of Anchors and real peer-to-peer

could You let me know if direct transfers of USD credits from an account of a natural Person to another natural Person in the euro area are possible or do I need an anchor and the transaction needs to ...
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Dropping peer, but peer seems to be fine

In Stellar Core 10.0.0, I keep seeing log entries like this: I 2018-09-25T03:35:16.416 GBCS2 [Overlay INFO] New connected peer I 2018-09-25T03:35:16.516 GBCS2 [Overlay INFO] ...
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How does node discovery work?

How does a stellar-core node discover its peers? I mean both on startup and on the go.
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Horizon waiting for Stellar-core to sync

I have built stellar-core and horizon instances from source on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I managed to make them work for the test-net, yet now, whilst trying to configure stellar-core.cfg for the public ...
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Securing Stellar node

I would like to know how I can secure the Stellar node from unauthorized access. I run a Stellar node (still learning) as a Full validator with the following services on the default port. Stellar ...
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What's networkPassphrase used for?

I'm confused. The Stellar docs said there are currently three network maintained: testnet, standalone, and public. To differentiate between them we have to change the network passphrase. I know that ...
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Peer rejected while connecting to testnet - core v9.1.0

I recently compiled the source code for stellar-core (v9.1.0-31-g1380e88) and I'm trying to run it in the testnet, but it doesn't connect to any of the KNOWN_PEERS, constantly giving me the warning [...
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How to connect to peers/store into account/accountdata tables when running stellar-core on windows?

I set up stellar-core on windows following the windows installation instructions. I was able to build the solution successfully and am able to run "stellar-core" from the command line. I've set up a ...
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