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The asserion of the Theorem 3 in the "The Stellar Consensus Protocol"

The assertion of the Theorem 3 in the "Stellar Consensus Protocol" whitepaper seems wrong, or at least it is not properly proved. As a consequence, the assertions of Theorems 6, 8, 10 that ...
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Why is there a potential for a quorum split in this example quorum configuration?

The QuorumIntersectionChecker has a getPotentialSplit function. It doesn't seem to be documented. I've tried to use it while experimenting with various quorum configuration. Here is one such ...
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Stellar validator node quorumset not reaching threshold

I deployed a full validator node and it was 100% validating for a few months. A few days ago I check it's status on stellar beats and I saw this error Node not validating: quorum set not reaching ...
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Would like to know if my stellar node running properly?

Below is what I see on the web frontend at To my limited knowledge about Stellar, I see that ledger hash is not changing. Is that a healthy sign? ...
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Stellar's Quorum Structure

In the Stellar whitepaper, there are examples of various Quorum structures. Which one does Stellar use? Is there a visual representation that I should look at?