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For questions regarding the private Seed that is associated with each Stellar account.

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How to generate a keypair correctly with Stellar/go?

Take test seed here: seed: "e0eec84fe165cd427cb7bc9b6cfdef0555aa1cb6f9043ff1fe986c3c8ddd22e3" correct result: m/...
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A few questions on vanity generation

Are prefixes (after the first A,B,C,D character) more likely to be generated than a postfix? Why are GALAXYVOIDBKF6OHLF4XWL6LDURPSPPRXDDGYZOGWQSOWT25542QUAXV and ...
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Stellar Java Sdk key validation?

In JavaScript SDK we have method isValidEd25519PublicKey for Stellar address validation. But in Java SDK there is no such method. How can I validate Stellar address with Java SDK?
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Python / Django - Accept payements ? Seed storage?

Tried to search over github for a readymade Django Stellar Package, is there any available or do I have to start from scratch using the Python SDK ? How to safely store the seed/mnemonic for a public ...
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What is the best method for key validation?

In particular, the seed key, but really this applies to both. I'm looking for the best way to validate that a key is formed correctly. I know it has 56 chars and starts with "S" for seeds and "G" for ...
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