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How to determine sequence no for pre-authorised transaction with time bound validity without blocking other new possible transactions

If a pre-authorised transaction is created for time bound validity after 50 days and submitted to the network, does this mean another transaction before 50 days cannot happen as the sequence number ...
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Why do stellar transactions require a sequence number?

As in the title, the reason for the existence of the sequence number is not clear to me.
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Can "Bump Sequence" potentially lock an account?

"Bump Sequence" allows you to set the sequence number of the account to any number between 0 to INT64_MAX (9223372036854775807) I had a suspicion that I just verified, I created an account on the ...
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What is "Bump Sequence"?

There is currently a new operation proposal on stellar's github to add a bump sequence. What does this mean, why is it being implemented, and how does it impact stellar developers? Bump sequence ...
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For 'txBadSeq', when is tx_fee charged?

Test Plan: The testing transactions were all "Pay 0.0001XLM", and there is far enough XLM to send. 5000 channel accounts were set up to try to prevent bad seq, but unfortunately it still ...
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How to get the sequence number for an account id?

In the below code, I explicitly gave the sequence number. How can I get the sequence number by giving the public key? Is there a way to get the sequence number of an account? var StellarSdk = require(...
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Channel concept in stellar

I can't understand the channel concept. How does channel keep transactions' order? Is there a channel account for a special operation or any channel account can do any operation?
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Why doesn't bump sequence affect the sequence number of the transaction it's included in?

Assume the sequence number of an account on the ledger is 5. An incoming transaction contains a bump sequence operation, to bump to 10. The sequence number to be included in the transaction should be ...
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Does Stellar Laboratory query the DB, when it tries to get the Sequence Number?

In Stellar Laboratory, in the Transaction Builder tab, the Transaction Sequence Number is required, there is button which gets the next Sequence Number. Does Stellar Laboratory gets the sequence ...
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How do I locally manage sequence no of an account?

I am trying to successfully send a transaction but its failing whats the purpose of these two functions 1 - StellarSdk.Operation.createAccount 2 - StellarSdk.Operation.payment if I am using an ...
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What is cause of the spike in tx_bad_seq ? Presumably overloaded stellar network

Starting around Feb 15, started seeing huge spike in tx_bad_seq on my kelp server. I was using the public Horizon. You can see from the lines below the massive increase. Presumably this is due to the ...
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Error tx_bad_seq, is it just about the sequence number?

I have a problem broadcasting a transaction for stellar. It ends and gives me the error tx_bad_seq. The thing is I have checked and rechecked the account sequence number multiple times. I feed in the ...
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Submitting many transactions in Node.js Error 400

I am having some issues with an application I'm trying to build. I am new to JS. What I am trying to accomplish: Sending 2 variables (wallet, amount) to the function transferLumens. These 2 ...
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Not able to sign the transaction

I have created one multisig account with two co-signers. After that, I initiated two transactions back to back without signing using co-signers. Tx1 10XLM – pending and Tx2 10XLM – pending. Now, I ...
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How to update Account Sequence

I have to handle a concurrent activation of 2 accounts. I am using a lock mechanism so that I can handle manually the sequence number. I am using bumpSequence operation to try and update the sequence ...
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Use case: how to accept only one payment for an item

For example, a seller is selling product A. The seller says that whomsoever pays first gets the product. The seller also sells product B, and whomsoever pays first gets product B, and so on. What I ...
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