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For questions regarding the speed of actions or transactions on the Stellar Network

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`LEDGER_MAX_TX_SIZE` and `5` seconds `EXP_LEDGER_TIMESPAN_SECONDS` gives only `20` tx per second?

It seems like the consensus nomination period is set to 5 seconds and each ledger size is maximized at 100 transactions per ledger, so that would give 20 transactions per second at best. Am I ...
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Testing Stellar for high volume of operations per second

I'm testing Stellar for a project where we want to be able to get ~4000 operations per second. Multiple sources ( including this question's answer: Scalability on Stellar network ) indicate that I ...
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How is Stellar network protected against spam? Are there scalability solutions?

After todays meeting with Stellar dev in Kraków some issues have raised in my mind that I couldn't easily find the answer to: From what I've heard, Stellar is capable of handling like 1000tx/s. With ...
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Comparison of Transaction Speeds vs. Other Platforms

Does anyone have a comparison of technologies and transaction speeds/costs for XLM vs. Ripple vs. SWIFT vs. Conventional Mediums. It would be great to create an infographic or comparison table based ...
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Is there a speed difference between the SDKs?

The JavaScript Stellar SDK facilitates integration with the Stellar Horizon API server and submission of Stellar transactions, either on Node.js or in the browser. It has two main uses: querying ...
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What are the best ways to calculate the time for XLM transaction based on the projected growth of the network?

I'm curious how to best estimate the time per transaction as the existing number of transactions double/triple/10x. Currently I know the infrastructure of federated endpoints is meant to optimize for ...
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