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stellar-core is the backbone of the Stellar network. It maintains a local copy of the ledger, communicating and staying in sync with other instances of stellar-core on the network.

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How to connect to peers/store into account/accountdata tables when running stellar-core on windows?

I set up stellar-core on windows following the windows installation instructions. I was able to build the solution successfully and am able to run "stellar-core" from the command line. I've set up a ...
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What is the process for the community to propose an XLM lockup?

Let me start by saying I am not proposing a wholesale token "burning" as I believe that could have unintended negative consequences long term. However, considering the tremendous price appreciation ...
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Why is asset conversion limited to 6 hops?

Is there a technical reason asset conversion in the builtin distributed exchange is limited to 6 hops? Or is it because of the six degrees of separation principle?
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Can Stellar-core be packaged in a container system such as Docker?

I want to incorporate Stellar-core and horizon into my private infrastructure using Docker. Can Stellar-core be packaged in a container system such as Docker?
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What is the incentive to run a Stellar node?

In bitcoin, miners are rewarded by minting new coins. What's the incentive to do so in Stellar?
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