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Questions tagged [stellar-website]

For questions regarding the Stellar website.

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Stellar anchor need

We are building a merchant platform in the Stellar ecosystem, but we have difficulties finding an anchor provider for off ramp. Does anyone know which Stellar ecosystem provides anchor for Xlm and ...
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1 answer

Showing "network error" while adding asset into stellar demo wallet using anchor(sep24)

Currently I am using django-polaris to build anchor for sep24 and Ngrok to create https server on localhost. But, the moment I try to add asset into stellar demo wallet, Having fetched the asset ...
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1 answer

How to ICO for tokens based on Stellar blockchain?

How an ICO can be initiated? Shall we write a smart contract for it like in ETH network? We want to have the following parameters on our ICO: Token rate, hard/soft cap tokens, start/end date, minimum ...
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I do not see the public key and the private key to update

I received an email to update my Stellar account but after logging in, I don't even see the public and private key, which should come out in this place to update the account ... I would like the ...
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What is the difference between watcher Node and Basic Validator Node

Can anyone explain what is the difference between watcher and basic validator node .
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Simple API to get current price of coin on stellar expert

Is there a simple API to grab coin details, such as current coin price? I have not found a suitable solution for this as of yet.
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1 answer

How to restore database after Stellar testnet reset?

I have read their post reset maintenance here: can we still use test account in testnet after reset or do we always have to create new one? if we ...
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Is the Horizon Testnet Currently down? [closed]

Is the testnet currently functional? Is there an official status website or organisation that issues announcements related to the status of the testnet regarding downtimes, resets or outages? Thanks ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to remove 2FA from login

Need some help. I had account in in 2014. I wanted to log in, but only thing I have is - username and RECOVERY code for password reset. But when I enter these ...
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