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For questions regarding the Stellar website.

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Show current price and price history of an asset on Stellar Testnet/Pubnet?

I learned that we need to stimulate the buy and sell transactions of a new asset to create a certain volume of trading records to make the current price and price history of that new asset appear on ...
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Showing "network error" while adding asset into stellar demo wallet using anchor(sep24)

Currently I am using django-polaris to build anchor for sep24 and Ngrok to create https server on localhost. But, the moment I try to add asset into stellar demo wallet, Having fetched the asset ...
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How to ICO for tokens based on Stellar blockchain?

How an ICO can be initiated? Shall we write a smart contract for it like in ETH network? We want to have the following parameters on our ICO: Token rate, hard/soft cap tokens, start/end date, minimum ...
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