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remove token from wallet - transaction blocked by issuer

I've got a fishy token in my wallet that I can not remove or send to anybody, because the issuer has blocked my account for sending this asset. How do I get rid of such assets? My XLM are blocked and ...
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Send cross border payments without local deposit anchor

Is it possible to allow my users of my wallet app to send payments to another country without a local deposit anchor but by funding their accounts using an exchange like binance then making a path ...
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When you create a custom token (asset) on Stellar do you receive the Lumens (XLM) in your wallet for each one sold?

When you create a custom token (asset) on Stellar and request that 10,000, for example, be made available, do these all simply appear without cost to you (minus nominal account costs of a few Lumens) ...
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Where do you find memo id when sending from coin base to Trezor T stellar

I plugged in Trezor T device and selected stellar currency. It took me to an external wallet in Stellar. I then transferred 1.00 from Coinbase to Stellar wallet and it wanted a memo id which I could ...
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How a custom token be transferred to hard wallets? [duplicate]

Say I create a token ABC via programming. It is generated on Horizon and gives me Seed and Password. Now I want to have a few ABC coin on my personal wallet. What steps do I need that I can transfer ...
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Is it possible to create a set of wallets with mutual trustlines for an asset that I issue?

I thought that Federations in Stellar might address this situation, but the more I'm reading, the less sure I am. I'd like to know if it's possible to do the following with Stellar: Create an asset ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is there a library for stellar equivalent to web3js for Ethereum?

I am considering creating a stellar token or asset. I have done this before with ethereum but not with stellar. I would also like an app to be able to: Create a wallet for the user so that they can ...
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How many Lumens would I have to get in order to create a custom token?

I am currently working on creating a custom token on the Stellar network. Like here: I ...
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How might I create a wallet on behalf of newbie's, then handoff securely, to help them get started quickly with Stellar?

I am working with a diverse community, where some are not very technical. I'd like to assess the technical/security effort to create and issue a wallet on behalf of these people.
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Create wallet & send tokens for Stellar-based token

I have created a non-XLM token on the Stellar Network. I can make an offer for it on StellarTerm, but what I want to do is send the token to another public key. At
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Where will the tokens released on Stellar be stored?

Can you store tokens in any Stellar wallet like erc20 tokens in an Ethereum wallet?
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