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For questions regarding tokens of exchange in the Stellar Network.

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Can you burn custom tokens on the Stellar network?

I'm curious if the Stellar network has the ability to "burn" or "freeze" custom tokens created on the network. The two use cases would be: Token is assigned to an account and should be frozen and ...
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Trouble enabling CORS [closed]

I'm having EXTREME difficulty enabling CORS for my .toml file. I've set the home domain of the asset issuing wallet. I do not know where to put the code for enabling CORS, and there is no mention of ...
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Tokens received but not showing in balances

Playing with tokens I see I can send them and they show in the transactions ledger but don't show in the balances list. Do I need to change/allow trust in order to show them in balances?
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Is it possible to create Stellar Assets that are private?

I'm evaluating using the Stellar Network for a project and would like to know if it is possible to create and issue assets that are private, that is, assets that: Can only be issued to specific ...
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Do tokens created through Stellar map one-to-one? [duplicate]

One more token question! When creating a token using Stellar, as described in - do the newly created tokens need to map one-to-one? Ie. one XLM to one ...
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How can I list and sell Stellar based Tokens (not XLM)?

Reading this example (, I can see that creating a token on Stellar is straight forward. I'm not completely sure how to do it yet, but I do understand ...
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How does the Stellar Network tell the difference between a newly issued token and a Lumen?

When issuing a new token (as part of an ICO or otherwise), how is this new token differentiated from a Lumen (or any other token) within the Stellar Network? For example, in the case of a new MOBI ...
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Can I create a non-fungible token?

I would really love to use a stellar token for a game to track e.g. ownership of different areas/land? Is this possible with stellar?
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Where will the tokens released on Stellar be stored?

Can you store tokens in any Stellar wallet like erc20 tokens in an Ethereum wallet?
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How to create a token on the stellar network?

How does one go about creating tokens on the Stellar network?
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How to set inflation for tokens?

I'd like to create a Stellar token and would like to use it as shares for a startup I'm working on so the whole idea is to reward early investors in the ICO with a fixed yearly dividend so inflation ...
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