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Questions tagged [validators]

For questions regarding Validator Nodes on the Stellar Network.

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Stellar-Core won't sync anymore: "Replay failed: mismatched ledger hash"

Stellar-core was running smoothly, then crashed without log entries. Node now fails to catch-up and sync. Logs are complaining about a mismatched ledger hash and I am stuck in an endless loop of ...
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How does Stellar-Core handle multiple archives in a secure manner?

For a stellar code, if a node is configured with multiple history archives for reading, presumably from sources of different nodes. How does this node handle discrepancies between the historical data? ...
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What are the good configurations for having a running cluster of 3 nodes?

I am trying to set up a private stellar cluster with at least 3 nodes. I am able to setup a 2-nodes cluster but when it comes to add another node, the cluster is broken and only one node is synced. ...
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Stellar horizon shows "Still Ingesting" after 5 days

I am running stellar-horizon on ec2 server I cloned stellar-core from git clone and installed it. I installed horizon from the package manager with the ...
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Stellar Validator Discovery

I'm setting up a Stellar network of 3 validator nodes in AWS EC2 instances. I use a private networkPassphrase ('MyOwnNetwork') (intentionally). key entries of stellar-core.cfg: RUN_STANDALONE=false ...
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Stellar validator node quorumset not reaching threshold

I deployed a full validator node and it was 100% validating for a few months. A few days ago I check it's status on stellar beats and I saw this error Node not validating: quorum set not reaching ...
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How should one decide how many and which nodes to select in the quorum set when configuring a Stellar Core Node

How should one decide how many and which nodes to select in the quorum set when configuring a Stellar Core Node (in archiver mode)? There is a list of validators in the link below, should all or some ...
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