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Stellar verification

Once a Stellar token is created how is it submitted for verification, so that it may be listed and searchable on the Stellar network?
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why cant get verified on many platforms

I have been browsing the StackExchange here and tried almost all of the suggestions for my token. and I did the test here and I can see some information posted about ...
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Stellar.toml checker passes all tests, but asset information not published

I'm trying to get information about an asset on the public network published. Using this stellar.toml checker, I get success on every test. Additionally, when I check my token on, it ...
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Where is the '.well-known' folder located?

Alright so I'm making an asset and trying to get the darn thing verified. My website is using GoDaddy for hosting. and it has Cpanel. I've got multiple questions. First. 1. I have the stellar.toml ...
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Asset not verified

StellarExpert says that related domain for my asset was not found. I published toml file as, where is my domain name. ...
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Stellar port verification still not sure why it’s not verified?

I’ve produced a token (Zi) Zioncoin in the labs and verified it with the fed server. However it doesn’t seem to be verified on the stellar port exchange.
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How to verify a Transaction?

I sent a signed transaction through the internet to a cloud function that needs to verify that the signer is the valid one. My code: const bHMainKeys = Keypair.fromSecret(privateKey) if (...
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When issuing a new verified asset is there anything beyond hosting a stellar.toml file I should be sure to do?

I making some development plans and just want to be sure I'm not missing anything obvious. I've read this post How is an asset verified? So far, my intention is to list a new asset and have it ...
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How is an asset verified?

I have created a Stellar asset by following the steps in Custom Assets. I can successfully trade the asset on even though it is not "verified". However, the asset does not even appear ...
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How to become a "Verified entity" on Stellar Dashboard?

A number of nodes appear as "verified entity" in the Featured live network nodes section on Who is verifying and what are the requirements to be listed as "verified"?
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