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1 vote

Cannot read from asset file: /home/dev.assets.yaml when trying to use sep-24 and sep-38

Taking the sep31 and sep38 out of the stellar:native scheme puts your anchor up and running. Native asset does not support SEP-31 or SEP-38 This should work: # dev.assets.yaml assets: - schema: ...
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1 vote

SEP-24 deposit failed The transaction source account is not equal to the server's account

This error was caused by a rookie mistake, I had entered my JWT key as the value for “SIGNING_KEY” in my stellar.toml file instead of entering the public key of my distribution account.
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1 vote

remove token from wallet - transaction blocked by issuer

I am facing the same problem. According to the current spec of stellar, you and me are out of luck. This was discussed in 2018 and 2015. I have an account with a balance like this, as seen in the ...
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