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Straight from I added the actions Stellar has taken in parentheses. Responsibilities To promote global financial access, literacy, and inclusion, SDF shall: Develop and maintain a secure and low cost global transaction network “Stellar Network” and protocol “Stellar Protocol” that is high quality, open-source, and ...


From my understanding it's similar to the claim Bitcoin makes, removing the current barriers to banking, where people would/could not have a bank account but they may have a mobile phone allowing them access to a mobile money account. It allows you to have an account without needing valid ID or documentation like birth certs. Lower transaction fees & ...


In addition to the benefits that bitcoin/other cryptocurrencies provide, stellar also allows underbanked people to forget currency altogether. For example, if someone has credits for cows, stellar can find a path through "anchors" that can allow them to instantly exchange a cow credit for an equivalent amount of seed credits.

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