Transactions can contain one or many operations being payments one of them, so your payment should be in the transaction history but you have to look for it whether in code following the links provided, with an explorer, or fetching the operation directly by its Id using the Stellar RPC url. http://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/operations/your-op-id You ...


Hard to tell what went wrong: You could check your account on Horizon directly: https://horizon-testnet.stellar.org/accounts/<your-address> or use a different explorer https://testnet.steexp.com In case you don't see a XLM balance on http://testnet.stellarchain.io/address/<your-address> your account does not exist (yet). When you test, you ...


Go to https://slack.stellar.org/ and fill out the form to request an invitation. An email will be sent to you when you are approved to join.


Every transaction should have an XDR blob associated with it. In order to troubleshoot your test transactions, you can breakdown the transaction you sent using the XDR Viewer on Stellar Laboratory There's a lot to digest there but start with checking to make sure that the destination is correct, as well as the operation you performed is correct.


That is a scam link. Please do not interface with that website. The only ongoing distribution is through https://keybase.io/a/i/r/d/r/o/p/spacedrop2019 - anything else is a scam.

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