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Is it possible to require authentication without a federation server?

Stellar provides standard way of handling compliance, but it's not part of the core protocol, because it is not required for all transactions on the network. Works as a second layer basically, using ...
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stellar.toml in a http server

As far as I know, all wallets and other clients search for stellar.toml using the HTTPS scheme, so HTTP setup just won't work. You can try to issue a self-signed SSL certificate for your test domain. ...
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Are there any examples and/or documentation of maintaining a stellar account for each customer?

The approach I take on is basically to keep a list of users in the database, along with their addresses and seed keys. The keys are created whenever the user signs up and ...
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How can I set the value of the ID parameter in Compliance API POST :internal_port/send?

Check the Compliance README: id required ID of the payment/transaction. In case of pending response or errors, you should resubmit the request with the same id value. This should be an unique ID ...
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Compliance Protocol for B2C

Not sure if I got your question right, just see if it helps. I can perform my own due diligence on those businesses and audit their actual AML processes and then set up the compliance protocol so ...
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Compliance Setup Configuration

So, a step by step way of doing this would be: Download and configure (bridge.cfg) the bridge server. Make sure to add the receive callback as well Download and configure (compliance.cfg) the ...
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How does an issuer manage trustlines when authorization is required?

The issuer/anchor will have to figure out a process for that, and it can vary significantly depending on their compliance process. For example, an anchor may require a customer to register on their ...
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One Compliance Server for multiple anchors?

In theory this should be possible, though I have not tested this out. In doing this however you will need to consider the following: The multiple bridge servers should be able to connect to the ...
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