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You can't generate xPub for Stellar keys according to SEP-0005. Stellar is using SLIP-0010 (as defined in SEP-0005). From "Master key generation" section: ed25519 curve the private keys are no longer multipliers for the group generator; instead the hash of the private key is the multiplier. For this reason, our scheme for ed25519 does not support public ...


An Account ID is a unique identifier for a registered account, and is an StrKey-encoded ed25519 public key. NB: Not all public keys are account IDs. E.g., it's perfectly fine to have signers that are public keys, but not accounts.


It is indeed mostly means the public key but sometimes it means the user name part of a federated stellar address, which is something completely different and indeed confusing. Federation is something you do mostly outside stellar by using the optional memo field on transactions. If you have a federated address of the form username*, username ...


Once you generate Keypair using ed25519 you need to use stellar sdk to convert keys in string representation. See exact StrKey functions function below of Stellar SDk: /** * StrKey is a helper class that allows encoding and decoding strkey. */ var StrKey = exports.StrKey = (function () { function StrKey() { _classCallCheck(this,...


TweetNacl doesn't talk Stellar. You need to convert the keys from their StrKey representation to Buffers. StellarSdk.StrKey.decodeEd25519PublicKey() and StellarSdk.StrKey.decodeEd25519SecretSeed() is a good start, for javascript.

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