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Staking Marathon Website Scam

I was on that Staking Marathon Scam website too. I had arround 90 XLM on my Ledger account. They said it is not enough. (I wanted to test it.) Days later I sent all my XLM (20k+) to my Ledger account. ...
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Stellar sent from Ledger Live (Nano s) without my authorization. Prior to this on six occasions small amounts were received

I have been hacked as most of my Stellar Lumens were withdrawn from ledger Live (secured by Nano S) without my authority. Prior to the Stellar coins being withdrawn the Ledger Live Stellar account ...
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Restoring a wallet with "G" key

I have XLM on a nano s that is frozen. I am trying to restore the wallet using my stellar key which starts with a "G". how do i do that?
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Stellar amount sent from Ledger Nano S wallet to a destination wallet address but not received

I have some amount of Stellar on my Ledger Nano S wallet and tried to send it to another wallet address. The transaction is successful. Although the amount is decreased from my ledger wallet and the ...
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Stellar Account Viewer is Stuck on "Submitting Transaction to the Network"

I submitted a transaction to send my lumens to my Nano. Stellar Account Viewer in Browser (Firefox) is stuck on "Submitting Transaction to the Network". Screen keeps attempting/animation keeps ...
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Stellar support for Leger Nano X

Is Stellar supported on Leger Nano X? If so, which firmware version is required? Thanks
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I Made a wrong transaction

My apologies, but I couldn’t find many channels to address my problems, hence I am writing this post. I made a wrong transaction to a donation address of XLM ...
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Two XLM accounts via Ledger [closed]

The Ledger "Stellar account viewer" ( apparently one hooks up to just one Ledger account. But I want to have two XLM accounts via Ledger. Can ...
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Is Stellar Laboratory broken? only shows my XLM balance, not my USD balance (logging in with ledger nano)

Ugh. I have 900,000 USD on GCT62JTWDK2AZ4EUHWJKUBAXAHQANPNEKRB6JW555WR2J2EQVFIJYV3Q and stellar lab!/dashboard only shows the XLM balance. I tried to send ...
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Exit Stellar app on Ledger Nano S

Once I enter the Stellar wallet on my Ledger Nano S, there is no option to "Quit App". This option exists for the other wallets on my Ledger (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). The only way I have found ...
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How to add a signature using Ledger Nano

I'm trying to add a signature using a Ledger Nano HW wallet but I could not find a question about it. I'm going to research the topic and post a working solution for that.
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XLM storage on hardware wallets Ledger Nano S vs Ledger Blue

How comes that Ledger Nano S supports XLM and Ledger Blue does not? Has it something to do with Stellar or Ledger because there should not be a difference which Ledger you use for safe storage of ...
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Custom keypair with the Ledger Nano S

Generating a vanity address with a custom suffix is easy (from a custom made script) but is it possible to use the generated keypair with the Ledger Nano S? If so, how?
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How can I generate the Secret Key from my Ledger Nano S 24 word passphrase (BIP39)?

There are tools like and that you can use to generate your Secret Key if you happen to lose your Ledger Nano S, but ...
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Inflation pool ledger protocol

When signing up for an inflation pool the hash on my Ledger and what was being displayed on the Stellar Laboratory did not match. I know that I am signing with my Ledger but is there any way for ...
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How do I install the Stellar app on my Ledger Nano S

I just received my Ledger Nano S and understand that it has support for Stellar. What is the procedure to install the app on this device?
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